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ABBA tease ‘something special’ releasing very soon for Christmas – WATCH


After 40 years, ABBA are back with their ABBA Voyage album and a string of upcoming concerts led by their ABBAtars. The new album saw the band score their 10th UK No 1 record and the band are now only behind The Beatles and Elvis Presley in terms of the longest time at the top of the charts. If that weren’t enough, Agnetha, Frida, Björn and Benny have released their first-ever Christmas song.

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The festive track Little Things features on the ABBA Voyage album and is described as a “gentle reflection on the joy of Christmas morning and family time.”

The sweet song’s lyrics include: “And why don’t we stay in bed for a while / Soon enough, they’ll be waking up from their dreams / Children bursting with giggles and screams / Oh, what joy Santa brings / Thanks, old friend, for packing / Christmas stockings full of nice little things.”

The Christmas single is getting a physical release on CD via Universal Music this Friday, December 3, 2021.

The band have said that a festive video will accompany the release and now the first tease of the footage has been released.

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Speaking with Zoe Ball on The Radio 2 Breakfast Show last month, Frida said: “I have learnt to say ‘never to say never’ and I’m very surprised [at] Benny and Björn.

“And I cannot remember that this year we have probably said this must be the last thing we do.

“Because also thinking of our ages, you know, we are not young any longer and you never know. But I’m saying you never know so don’t be too sure.”

The ABBA Voyage album is out now and concert tickets can be purchased here.

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