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Adorable dog ‘inseparable’ from neighbour cat as pair enjoy walks and even ‘yoga’ together


Sarah Hunt, from Cambridgeshire, has shared cute images of the uncanny relationship between her beloved Jack Russell, springer cross and his feline friend. The 35-year-old said the bond was formed around 20 months ago when Benji was just a puppy and would unexpectedly be joined on walks by the black cat. The music producer said they have been “inseparable ever since” and are often seen stroking each other and jumping around in the garden each day.

One cute moment shows Benji on a leash walking side by side with his furry friend.

Ms Hunt said the pair have become custom to a daily schedule, with the cat crying out for Benji and rubbing her paws against the door each morning.

She jokes the pair would then conduct some stretches as part of an animal “yoga” routine.

A meeting outdoors during a walk usually follows and the day is normally complete with a third meet in the backyard.

Ms Hunt said: “They’ve been friends ever since we took Benji for his first walk at four months old. At first she would follow us but only from a distance.

“She would follow for the whole walk, even if we walked into March itself which is 20 minutes away. Initially, we thought she was interested in us, not our dog.

“Then we started to let him out in our garden and she would jump off the fence and start playing with him.

“They run around and stroke each other. That’s when we realised she was interested in Benji.

“He really loved the attention and they’ve been inseparable ever since. She’s in our garden every day.

“They’ve become closer and closer with each passing day. Some days she’ll stay in the garden all day.

“She will always call around every morning because he will go out to meet her and they do stretches together. I joke it’s their daily yoga.

“Then she will normally see him on his afternoon walk but if she doesn’t catch him, she will come into the garden in the evening to get her fix of Benji.”

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“All of our neighbours have only ever seen her outside so we don’t actually know where she comes from.

“We just call her Black Cat for now. Benji recognises that name perfectly though. Whenever we mention her name, his ears prick up and he looks for her.

“We sometimes leave treats and food out for her but we don’t do it every day because if she does have a home, we don’t want her to leave that family.

“If it turns out she is a stray, we would love to adopt her into our house.”

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