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ADVERTORIAL: Meet Jordanna Duncan, who wants to inspire you to have a rewarding career in Care


For anyone looking for a career with a purpose, the care industry is perfectly suited to those who want to help others.

Caring can be an incredibly rewarding role that allows you to help offer people dignity and respect during a difficult time of their lives.

Jordanna Duncan did just that, and began her career as a carer at just 17 years old, when she worked at a small residential care home.

She wants to encourage people to follow in her footsteps whilst also inspiring people from a more diverse background to break into the care industry.

Meet Jordanna

Her natural empathy and desire to help improve the lives of others meant Jordanna quickly rose through the ranks to become a senior carer by the time she was 19.

After joining Guinness Care in 2019, Jordanna was promoted to Care Coordinator, before becoming a Registered Manager for the company earlier this year.

Jordanna Duncan is a great role model for people from diverse backgrounds
Jordanna Duncan is a great role model for people from diverse backgrounds

One of the things Jordanna attributes to her success throughout her career is her personality. She said: “I’m a naturally empathetic and caring person. It is within me to do whatever I can within reason to help others or those in need live a happier life.

“In the care industry, there are many different sides and sometimes situations that may be challenging or very difficult, but that does not stop me from wanting to do the best I can, it almost gives me that extra push and boost to do even better. “

Jordanna also thinks one of the biggest misconceptions about a career in the care industry is that there isn’t much room for growth or progression, and she’s keen to tell people that isn’t the case.

She wants others to be inspired by the path her career has taken, and to show people that hard work pays off when it comes to moving through the ranks.

Jordanna has also become a great role model for others, particularly for young people and people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities.

She believes that coming from a more diverse background has a positive impact on her ability to be a good carer.

Jordanna said: “Coming from an ethnic minority group, culturally it is very uncommon for us to place our loved ones in care homes or be in receipt of care outside of the immediate household – this can be said for most if not all ethnic groups.

“This is because culturally we are taught that it is our responsibility to take care of our elderly or family in need at home.”

She also understands that people from under-represented communities can feel like their progression at work will be limited, but wants to assure people it won’t be, saying: “Don’t for one second think that your wildest dreams won’t ever come true. Work hard and stay focussed and the opportunity will find you.”

Why work with Guinness Care

Guinness Care wants to help people get into the care industry
Guinness Care wants to help people get into the care industry

Guinness Care also wants to help people get into their dream care career, so they offer their employees full funding when it comes to completing their training and securing the qualifications.

This allows new employees to rise through the company, even if they start off with no experience.

Working for Guinness Care also comes with a huge range of personal benefits, including a pensions scheme, access to a Blue Light Card for hundreds of discounts, a salary finance scheme and much more.

They also offer a range of Staff Recognition and Award schemes to celebrate the work and commitment of their staff, and in November rewarded every employee with a Thank You bonus payment, as well as confirmation of a 3% pay award from January 2022.

Guinness Care is committed to welcoming people from all backgrounds, both as a customer or carer. Enabling a workplace that’s ‘a great place to be me’ is something that’s championed through a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, ‘Everyone’, and a Customer Engagement Strategy, ‘Together We Care’. It’s work that has been recognised externally, with Guinness winning the prestigious Investors in People Diversity and Inclusion Award for the second year running.

They are currently recruiting for care staff in Bristol, and all new employees need is to pass a DBS check, which is also paid for by the company, and a full driving license with access to their own car.

What is more important to them is finding people with a strong sense of value who want to help make a difference in people’s lives.

If you’d like to begin your career in care, whether you have experience or not, you can apply through their website, or contact them directly for more information at workforus@guinness.org.uk or by calling 01392 901393.

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