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Afghan boy, 5, fell to his death from Sheffield hotel window days after fleeing Taliban


The five-year-old and his family arrived in the UK after fleeing the conflict occurring in Afghanistan thanks to Taliban takeovers,  just a few days prior to the accident.

The child fell to his death from a hotel window at the OYO Sheffield Metropolitan Hotel in South Yorkshire. 

He is believed to have plummeted from the ninth floor of the building, around 2.30pm yesterday in an incident that is not being described as suspicious.

The South Yorkshire establishment has been the base for Afghans heroes and their relatives who worked alongside the British Army and authorities.

Those housed there had escaped to the UK as the Taliban swept across their country, seizing control as the US military withdrew from the area.

Named as Mohammed by guests and friends, the child is said to have been evacuated to the UK for safety with his family earlier this month as the Taliban advance began. 

Prior to relocating, his father had worked at the British Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital city. 

It is feared the child fell between the gap of one and a half feet which becomes evident when the windows are opened, something inspectors discovered at the scene yesterday. 

A hotel resident who had served as an interpreter with the British Army in Afghanistan for two years, arrived in the UK with his family on July 27.

In an interview with the Sun Online, the resident stated that the boy and his family “can’t have been in England very many weeks”. 

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Police remain at the scene and security guards in high visibility jackets are turning people away at the main entrance to the hotel.

Thousands of people, like the family affected by this tragedy, have been evacuated in US and UK airlifts as Afghan residents seek safety and refuge from the Taliban advance. 

The hotel, which is located on Blonk Street, is being investigated, with police spotted testing the windows and measuring the gap visible when fully opened. 

An NCP car park located next to the hotel has also been sealed off by police following the incident.

Omar Majeedi, a senior humanitarian worker and father of the victim,  worked in a project management capacity at the British Embassy in Kabul.

He was responsible for handling Afghan migrants returning to the country since December, 2020, before the family fled to England to escape the conflict. 

A friend and ex-colleague of Mr Majeedi, stated “I said goodbye to [the little boy] at the airport. I hugged him” just a few days ago, and reports that he is  “shocked” by the news of the little boy’s death.

He said:  “When I was at the airport saying goodbye to Majeedi, I just hugged his small kid. I remember he was doing childish acts.

“I can’t understand how this happened. I am shocked”.

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