Home Technology AirPods move aside! Samsung’s Galaxy Buds fall to cheapest price ever

AirPods move aside! Samsung’s Galaxy Buds fall to cheapest price ever

AirPods move aside! Samsung’s Galaxy Buds fall to cheapest price ever

If you have been thinking about getting some new wireless Bluetooth earbuds for your latest run or just to enjoy while you commute to work then Amazon might have the best deal for you.

That’s thanks to Amazon’s new Big Prime Deal Days which has slashed the prices of thousands of products from wireless earbuds to bottle of whisky.

And if you’re thinking about shopping early for Christmas or someone’s birthday, this might be best time to invest in some products. 

For those people who have been wanting to get some new earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Live are just £58 which is the cheapest they have ever been. They normally retail for a whopping £139 but now you can get them for more than half price off. 

While the bean-shaped design might look a little unconventional, it means there’s no tip to slot deep into the ear canal. Instead, the Buds Live simply rest inside the natural recess of your ear. This makes them incredibly comfy to wear for long durations.

The Buds Live arrive with powerful 2mm speakers, which have been designed in conjunction with AKG. Samsung has included active noise-cancelling technology, which blocks disruptive sounds – like the rattle of the train tracks, whirr of the office printer, or hum of the aeroplane engines – so you can listen to your favourite tracks, audiobook or podcast at lower volumes.

The Galaxy Buds also feature touch controls and a total of 21 hours of music playback via their neat little charging case. 

Once they’ve run out of battery, you simply place them back in the very neat little case for a refill with a fast charge option adding an hour of playtime after just five minutes. This pocket-sized box can also be charged wirelessly and provides a total of 21-hours of playback. 

Our Galaxy Buds Live review awarded these Samsung ‘buds a respectable four-star rating, praising the sound quality and the unconventional design. 

It comes as Prime Big Deal Days is set to last from October 10 until the 11th with thousands of products seeing their prices slashes before Black Friday.

And if you want access to the sale, you’ll have to be a Prime member to do so. Thankfully, you can sign-up for a 30-day free trial and unlock access to thousands of exclusive deals and next-day delivery nationwide.

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