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Aldi shopper shares genius hack to pack bags faster- ‘Why didn’t I think of that!’


An Aldi shopper was in awe when she watched a customer in front of her at the till use “the best hack ever” to make packing her shopping easy and efficient. The mum says the shopper “probably thought I was a bit nuts” when she asked for a picture of the trick, but she knew the hack was simply too good not to share.

When she got home, she shared the photo on Facebook where impressed users branded it “genius”.

The woman had placed her carrier bags inside an old tissue box and could quickly pull one out whenever she needed.

The woman said that she always keeps a fully stocked box in her car so they are always handy whenever she goes shopping.

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Some users said they had used the method to store bags at home but added that they never considered taking it with them to the supermarket.

One woman said: “I keep a box under all of my sinks, my garage and laundry room but I never thought of one in my car for Aldi stops. Great idea.”

Others suggested an old baby wipe box would work just as well.

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