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Aldi Specialbuys delayed due to global ‘disruptions’ land in stores this week – full list


Aldi’s Specialbuys go on sale every Thursday and Sunday with some items immediately selling out due to their popularity. However, some products were delayed in August and are finally arriving in stores this week.

“We’re doing all we can to provide clarity on expected availability dates, but these are subject to change.

“Dates will vary by store and by region.”

The supermarket has urged customers to sign up for its email newsletter to keep up to date with the latest availability news.

Back in April, the discount retailer announced that its delays were due to the blockage of the Suez Canal.

After landing in shops, the products will then be available to purchase online a few days later.

Among the items available in store today are the Bobble Bath Mat, the House Character Plant Pot, the Kirkton House Clock, the Kirkton House Side Table, and the Kirkton House Throw.

It is not yet known when these products will be made available online, even thought they were supposed to arrive at the end of August.

Products arriving in Aldi stores this weekend include the Spider Repellent Spray, the Spider Catcher, and the Dog Blanket.

The spider catcher and spray can also be used for deterring other insects from your house.

Full list of delayed products landing in stores this week

Bobble Bath Mat

House Character Plant Pot

Kirkton House Clock

Kirkton House Throw

Nestable Food Storage

Dog Blanket

Spider Catcher

Spider Repellent Spray

Full list of delayed products landing online this week

Nestable Food Storage

Stainless Steel Coffee To Go

Colouring Books

Ferrex 20V Cordless Polisher

Multipurpose Ladder

Screwdriver 8 Piece Set

Helix Oxford Scientific Calculator

Gaming Drink Assortment

Gaming Licensed Cushion

Air Purifier


Tower Airer

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