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Amazon’s new Kindle update makes some big changes to how you read books


Amazon has this week released a new Kindle firmware update which brings with it a number of major changes. The first big change version 5.13.7 brings with it will immediately be apparent to Kindle owners after installing the patch. That’s because the Kindle home screen has been given a complete design overhaul.

While the new Kindle home screen looks similar to its predecessor in some respects, but there are a number of big changes. Firstly, the toolbar that was previously seen at the top is now gone – with a search bar now taking its place.

At the bottom there are also two new buttons, one for Library and another for Home. Pressing the Home button will help Kindle users discover new books and content while tapping Library will bring up content already owned.

Sandwiched between the Home and Library buttons there is also an icon which gives quick access to the last book you read on your Kindle.

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Elsewhere, the Kindle’s quick settings are now easier to access – with an arrow towards the top that you need to swipe down or tap.

In the quick settings screen Kindle users will be able to access Airplane mode, Bluetooth, Dark Mode and Sync options as well as the ability to go to the full settings screen.

If you like the sounds of this update, then you need to have at least a seventh generation Paperwhite or an eighth generation Kindle or Oasis to be able to download this latest Kindle update.

The release of this new patch was highlighted on the Kindle Reddit page, with eReader owners discussing the pros and cons of the patch.

And the response has been mixed, with some loving the new look and user interface tweaks while others have been left with a few niggling frustrations.

One wrote: “Its nice but i kinda hate it coz i no longer can remove reading list my home. I dislike seeing anything but my books.”

While another posted: “I love the new update, for some reason my Kindle didn’t get it automatically so I manually update. It is so fresh and modern.”

One added: “Nope. I hate it. Researching ways to prevent any updates or rollback an update. I don’t want to see the home screen like that. If I wanted that I’d enable it on my current software. I like my books, in a list. No covers, no recommendations, just books.”

And another said: “Well I can’t say I’m a big fan of the new look, in fact I hate it !!”

And one speculated: “I like it. I really like it. It’s clean. It’s unlikely but does make me wonder if a new device is somewhere around the corner.”

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