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Angry locals to barricade road with wheelie bins to stop school run parents


Residents living in Halton Place say nearby Cleethorpes Academy is using an emergency gateway to get pupils to and from school and their driveways are being continually blocked by parents’ cars.

The neighbours say an agreement to use the gate was in place during the pandemic for social distancing, but now is being adopted as a permanent measure and they expect it to continue when children go back to school this week.

Residents staged a similar demonstration at the end of the summer term and Humberside Police ended up being called to break up the blockade.

Pam Ireland told GrimsbyLive that she feels as though the locals have been treated like “stupid, old pensioners”.

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She said: “We are still in the same position as we were at the end of the summer term. We have been let down and now it seems we are having our noses rubbed in it.

“They need to get their priorities right. We were given a promise 11 years ago the gate would remain closed and only used for emergency vehicles. The gate has never been used until they started using it because of the pandemic. Now they want to use it all the time.

“We have nurses, doctors, delivery vehicles and residents’ cars all trying to use that road. But parents park where they like and block the driveways so no one can get out and children are walking straight into the road.

“We understand the Covid restrictions. It is the safety of the children we are thinking about and it frightens us that they will be walking on the road where there are all the cars.”

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Northeast Lincolnshire Councillor, Ian Lindley, chaired a meeting before the end of the summer terms between residents’ representatives, police and Cleethorpes Academy leaders to seek a solution to parking problems.

Cllr Lindley said: “There is an issue with the Academy trying to dilute the number of people congregating at the main access to the school.

“The Academy intend to maintain the access at Halton Place on a long-term basis. Residents are not used to it being used once it has been closed for so many years. There was a suggestion that there might be a way forward but that has not been reported to me.”

Following the meeting, a statement was issued by Cleethorpes Academy. It said: “A lengthy stakeholder meeting took place at Cleethorpes Academy where interesting and detailed discussions took place.

“A skeleton plan for a way forward was agreed and a future meeting will take place in due course. Both sides are looking forward to working together in the future.”

Additional reporting by Peter Craig.

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