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Arlene Phillips health: ‘Why am I so sick?’ – I’m A Celeb star’s health concern


Arlene said: “When I went to a mother and baby class in Primrose Hill my obstetrician came up and whispered – I can never forget this – he kneeled down and said, ‘Have no fear, it will get better – because you really should be a grandmother, so you’re going to have to find ways to understand how to be a mother again.’

My daughter Abi, I remember dreading, absolutely dreading taking her to school, age four, and having to explain, ‘No, I’m her mother not her grandmother. I was 47 when I had her.'”

The star’s story also had an effect on her fellow campmates, who were all rather shocked at the tale.

Shortly afterwards, Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge remarked at how impressed she was by Arlene, saying: “The fact that she’s here, she’s 78, going through all of this with us, she’s still dancing around – and I imagine back then she was exactly the same.

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