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Barber told woman he wanted to make her a ‘perfect Muslim wife’ and then treated her like a dog


A barber told a woman he wanted to make her “the perfect Muslim wife”, a court heard.

Ibrahim Sanad, who entered the UK illegally in 2015, controlled his victim by not letting her out of his sight, telling her what to wear and advising her to sit “like a dog” in the presence of men and not to look or talk to them.

Meanwhile Sanad drank alcohol, took drugs and beat her up, Bristol Crown Court heard.

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But she finally managed to escape his clutches by grabbing his private parts and fleeing.

Sanad, 26, of Felix Road in Easton, pleaded guilty to coercive or controlling behaviour and grievous bodily harm.

The recorder Mr Ignatius Hughes QC jailed him for two years and nine months.

He told Sanad: “The relationship became controlling and abusive right from the start.”

Sanad, who was assisted by an Arabic interpreter, was handed a five-year restraining order to have no contact with his victim.

Sarah Regan, prosecuting, said initially Sanad made the woman feel like she was “somebody”.

But after spending nights in hotels and sleeping in her car, they ended up living in the basement of the Bristol barber shop where Sanad worked, the court heard.

Miss Regan said Sanad would shout at the woman, tell her what to wear and what not to wear, prevented her from shopping and would not let her shower or use the toilet alone.

Miss Regan said: “It was all men who worked at the shop.

“She was not allowed to talk to them.

“He told her to sit there like a dog and not to look or talk to anyone.

“He told her he would make her the perfect Muslim wife, while his behaviour was nothing like the perfect Muslim because he drank alcohol and took drugs.

“He always looked at pornography on a phone or iPad.

“Because of the relationship she felt obliged to have sex with him whenever he wanted.”

The court heard after Sanad allegedly assaulted the woman they split up.

But when he told her had changed she dropped an assault charge and returned to him – only to find him not changed and banning her from talking to anyone on Snapchat – particularly men.

Miss Regan said after the woman contacted a friend, saying “He’s just beat the f*** out of me” and sending a photo of her injuries, she received a reply, an argument with Sanad ensued and he grabbed her throat and punched her.

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The court heard Sanad told her if she called police he knew where her father, nan and sister lived – and refused to let her shower her bloodied body.

She managed to escape by grabbing his private parts and then going to the aid of her sister.

Sanad told police: “Yeah, we had a fight, she just wanted to get me in trouble.”

He then answered no comment to all questions.

The court heard he was a Syrian national who entered the UK illegally in 2015 and was prosecuted for threatening behaviour and having a knife in 2017 and battery in 2018.

Immigration authorities were aware of his position, the court heard.

Peter Binder, defending, said as an eight-year-old in Syria his client witnessed the murder of his parents and younger brother and was shot in the chest himself.

Mr Binder said Sanad’s uncle took him to Egypt, he trained as a barber and, after travelling through Italy and France, Sanad was smuggled into the UK by train.

After applying for asylum he was housed in a hostel before working “off the books” at the Bristol barber shop and then meeting the complainant.

Sanad acknowledged he had anxiety issues and was prone to bouts of anger – the root of which possibly stemmed from his childhood experiences.

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