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BBC on brink: Muslim academic horrified after ‘Taliban apologist’ given platform


In a ferocious attack on the broadcaster, Dr Taj Hargey, director of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford, criticised the BBC for allowing Khola Hasan of the Islamic Sharia Council a platform on Radio 4’s Sunday programme. Dr Hargey claimed the BBC had aided Ms Hasan, whom he labelled as an “apologist” for the terrorist group, a platform to provide so-called “doctrinal falsehoods”. Ms Hasan claimed the Taliban “have grown up” since their previous control of Afghanistan 20 years ago.

Questioned by presenter William Crawley, Ms Hasan claimed the “Western media loves misrepresenting Muslims”.

Ms Hasan claimed people within her social media sphere, have said the Taliban should be given a chance and are “celebrating”, despite the thousands of Afghan civilians attempting to flee in fear of the terrorist group.

Attacking the broadcaster, Dr Hargey wrote for the MailOnline: “For Ms Hasan to proclaim that Muslims in the UK are united in welcoming this seizure of power by religious zealots, and the resulting chaos, is both obscene and an affront to the British Muslim community.

“It is insulting, a travesty and a sign of just how pitifully ignorant she is.

“But for the BBC to give her a platform to air her doctrinal falsehoods, without then demolishing them with the real facts, is unforgivable.

“The broadcaster has failed in its duty to address the news impartially.

“Instead, the BBC appeared terrified of contradicting Ms Hasan, simply because she is a Muslim woman and should therefore be allowed to assert any nonsense she likes without fear of contradiction.

“I listened to that inarticulate tripe, wishing that the BBC still employed rigorous journalists instead of ‘wokelings’ who are afraid to question anything for fear of seeming sexist or racist.”

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Ms Jamal, an Afghan filmmaker living in Canada, labelled the remarks as “insane”.

She also said the Taliban are not Afghans and have killed civilians for years.

The deadline for the West’s evacuation operation is at the end of the month.

If the US and its allies do not leave Kabul, the Taliban has warned there will be consequences.

Video footage has emerged online of the Taliban allegedly threatening the public and searching for government workers.

The BBC’s Christian Nelleman reported the group have been crystal clear in their threats.

He warned: “There are a high number of individuals that are currently being targeted by the Taliban and the threat is crystal clear.

“It is in writing that, unless they give themselves in, the Taliban will arrest and prosecute, interrogate and punish family members on behalf of those individuals.”

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