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BBC Weather forecasts last of the August heat after patchy week


While a tail-end summer scorcher is looking less and less likely, the weather forecast for this weekend is pleasantly warm nonetheless.

BBC weather is forecasting a short, sharp blast of hot weather this weekend, with the last of the warmth of August forecast to arrive on Saturday (August 21).

Temperatures in Bristol are set to hit 23C, according to the Met Office, on what could be an overcast day.

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Taunton and Yeovil will see cooler temperatures with the mercury reaching 22C, albeit with the chance of showers amongst the sunny spells.

UK Weather Updates wrote in a tweet that there is a “sneaky trough” of high pressure incoming this weekend.

BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood said the grey cloud cover will remain across most of the UK through Wednesday and Thursday, with some patches of sunshine developing through the day, The Express reports.

Temperatures are expected to feel cooler than usual for mid-August.

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The BBC Weather meteorologist said: “It is going to be fairly cloudy, not just today but for the next few days.

“Not much happening, the weather is fairly benign at the moment and you can see we’ve still got this northwesterly flow. Not particularly strong, just breezy and windy.

“Then across southern areas, and the central areas, we should see some sunshine come through.”

Ms Kirkwood said those areas where the cloud thins during the day may see temperatures reach up to 22C later on Wednesday, with an average between 13C and 20C in the UK.

The BBC Weather forecaster added: “This evening and overnight, once again we hang on to a lot of cloud, there will be some clear slots, there will be some patches of mist and fog forming and you can see we’ll still have some light rain as well.

“Winds start to ease, the breeze that is, and temperatures 10C to 15C.”

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