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Binmen sacked after brawling with members of the public


Binmen caused chaos in Chatham, Kent on Monday evening. Horrified witnesses said the men were hurling abuse at passers-by and throwing chairs. The fight escalated and one worker was knocked unconscious.

Moments earlier the two men were seen by shocked onlookers running down the High Street, with one swinging two pub chairs and shouting aggressively.

A bystander said one of the workers had been knocked to the floor but got back to his feet with blood dripping from his mouth and began screaming threats at passers-by again. 

Another witness said the binmen were throwing the outdoor chairs at random people as the terrifying scenes escalated. 

Alicia Martin, who had been walking through the town centre at around 5pm when the fight started, said it had been a frightening experience.

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“I don’t know why it started – everyone just started fighting. It was worrying – there were girls with prams and he’s throwing chairs about.”

A staff member from a nearby business also said the men had grabbed chairs from the Thomas Waghorn pub in a nearby street, but added: “We didn’t see all of it. They just rolled past here. They were fighting up near Halifax.”

Medway Norse, the Medway Council-owned company that runs bin collections and street cleaning in the area, confirmed the men have been dismissed from their roles, and the firm is helping with police enquiries.

Andy Mann, operations director for Medway Norse said they were “appalled” by the shocking footage.

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