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Black Lives Matter charity funds ‘missing’ as police arrest woman after investigation


The Black Lives Matter group in Bristol set up a fundraiser last year, following the toppling of the Edward Colston statue on June 7. The fundraiser told donors that money would go to a Bristol youth charity, and raised £32,334.

Changing Your Mindset, the Bristol youth charity, have claimed they have not received any of the donations from the crowdfunding campaign.

A spokesperson from Changing Your Mindset confirmed a complaint had been made to Avon and Somerset police after it had not received any funds after more than a year.

They said: “Changing Your Mindset can confirm that on May 25, 2021, an allegation was made to Avon and Somerset police in relation to the non receipt of funds raised from the GoFundMe BrisBLM For Changing Your Mindset appeal, and that Avon and Somerset police have advised that they are now carrying out an investigation.

“We thank those that have been affected for their patience.”

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Last year, Black Lives Matter protestors pulled down a statue of Mr Colston, a 17th century slave merchant.

The statue was then dumped into Bristol Harbour following an outcry from demonstrators about Britain’s colonial past, sparked by the death of George Floyd in the US.

Mr Floyd was killed when police officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee into his neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds.

Despite his desperate pleas that he “can’t breathe”, Mr Floyd passed out and later died in Minneapolis on May 25.


All Black Lives Bristol has responded to the allegations of missing funds, describing it as a “sensitive” case.

A spokesperson added: “The situation is sad and upsetting, but one we hope the community can come together to support one another through.

“We will not be adding anything further given the personal nature of the matter.”

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