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Boris Johnson’s global popularity lags behind Angela Merkel AND Joe Biden – polls


Angela Merkel will leave her role as Germany’s Chancellor behind when the country heads out to vote in the country’s federal elections this September. Ms Merkel has been in the top job since 2005, and a recent YouGov poll has found she is highly regarded in several nations around the globe. But the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, did not fare so well in the same poll.

A YouGov poll from July 9 to August 10 asked respondents whether or not they have a favourable or unfavourable opinion of several world leaders.

Boris Johnson scored lower than his German, American, Canadian, French and Indian counterparts in the poll, only coming higher than Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping.

In Britain, Mr Johnson earned a net rating of -22, but the rating was considerably lower among other European nations.

Mr Johnson has a net rating of -40 in Italy, -53 in Germany, -24 in France, -48 in Spain and -2 in the US.

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In Britain, German Chancellor Angela Merkel scored a net rating of 15, while the number was higher in several European nations.

Ms Merkel’s net ratings elsewhere were Italy (23), Germany (30), France (49), Spain (61) and the USA (17).

US President Joe Biden also received a positive rating from the countries surveyed.

Mr Biden earned a positive score of 27 from Britain, 24 from Italy, 40 from Germany, 26 from France and 27 from Spain.

In comparison, 38 percent of people think Mr Johnson was doing well as Prime Minister, while seven percent said they didn’t know.

The latest figures show a rise in disapproval since April 2021, when 47 percent thought Mr Johnson was doing badly in the top job, and 46 percent thought he was doing well.

Earlier this month, an Opinium poll for the Observer showed Mr Johnson’s personal approval rating had dropped to its lowest level during his tenure as PM.

Among the 2,000 UK adults surveyed on August 5 and 6, Mr Johnson’s overall approval rating fell to -16, down from -13 two weeks prior and -8 in the fortnight before that.

In total, 49 percent of people disapproved of his performance as Prime Minister, while 34 percent approved.

Adam Drummond, head of political polling at Opinium, said: “It’s only after rounding, but our latest poll shows Boris Johnson with his lowest approval rating of any of the 53 times we have asked the question since he became prime minister.

“While the so-called ‘vaccine bounce’ he has been enjoying in recent months may be over, the Conservatives still enjoy a comfortable seven-point lead in the polls – partly off the back of Starmer’s similarly poor ratings.

“But even as his ratings do drop, the prime minister should never be written off. He has bounced back from poor polling numbers before, and he may be able to do so again.”

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