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Boris warned against ‘draconian’ Christmas restrictions as Omicron variant spreads


The Prime Minister has today announced that everyone eligible for a booster jab will be offered one by the end of January, to protect as many people as possible from the Omicron Covid strain. Citizens now need to wear masks in shops and on public transport, all international travellers must self-isolate until they receive a negative result, and those who come into contact with an Omicron case must isolate regardless of their vaccination status.


On Tuesday, Dr Jenny Harries, head of the UK’s Health Security Agency, told Sky News Britons can slow the spread of the virus by “not socialising when we don’t particularly need to”.

But Downing Street has ensured the public that rules on socialising have not changed.

The new variant has 50 mutations, of which 32 are in the spike protein which connects to our cells. In comparison, the Delta variant had two mutations in the spike protein.

Government ministers have stressed that there is a lot about the Omicron Covid variant that scientists do not yet understand, and therefore, how Christmas will be celebrated is uncertain at this point.

In a poll of 4,553 people, 76 percent of voters said the Prime Minister should not cancel Christmas in the face of Omicron.

Many voters said that they would not listen to Boris Johnson if he were to cancel Christmas, and intend to celebrate the holiday as normal regardless of rising Omicron cases.

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The nation appears to be split over the choice to bring in new Covid rules; 54 percent of Express voters said Boris should shut down all international travel, 42 percent said he should not and four percent were unsure.

The introduction of vaccine passports in crowded indoor and outdoor spaces is also a contentious issue among Britons, as 50 percent of Express voters would support their introduction while 46 percent were opposed to vaccine passports, and four percent were not sure.

Another issue Express readers were divided over was whether people should be fined for refusing to wear a face mask; 51 percent of people said fines should be issued, 47 percent said they should not be issued, and two percent were not sure.

The majority of voters were against the idea of shutting schools as Omicron spreads, with 81 percent of Express readers saying schools should remain open.

Some voters were against the introduction of any restrictions to slow the spread of the new variant.

An Express voter going by ‘HRHtheDude’ said: “There is absolutely no need for more draconian measures.”

A voter, nicknamed ‘Queen Anne’, commented: “Just be sensible, wear your mask where needed and do not go into ‘very’ close situations with others.

“Get vaccinated, and if you choose not to, do not expect medics to risk their lives looking after you in hospital (why should they?).

“If you do these things, you will have done all you can and should be safe.

“No need to do any cancelling, just enjoy – Happy Christmas!”

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