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Boris warned to brace for Tories to turn on him to save party from humiliating U-turns


Ms Willoughby has warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson his own Conservative MPs now hold a grudge against him after footage emerged showing key aides joking about a party in Number 10 Downing Street last year. The broadcaster suggested to LBC the Prime Minister’s closest allies could turn on him for the way he left their reputation in tatters. The party allegedly took place at a critical time for the UK with socialising banned for people, the virus at its most critical, and families of sick relatives being unable to visit loved ones in care homes and hospitals.

Speaking to Iain Dale on LBC, Ms Willoughby said: “I just sense that at the moment, because it has been so bad, just the last two years have been horrific really.

“When you think of the care homes’ crisis, the handling of the Covid contracts, all of these things and then you add on the clownish aspects like the speech he gave last week: ‘Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me’.

“I think the serious politicians within the Conservative Party are going to look at that.

“They are going to look at his track record as a human being, his personal life, his life as a journalist before that.”

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In the leaked video released by ITV, Boris Johnson’s staff appeared to crack jokes about throwing a Christmas party last year with the rest of the country coming to terms with the scrapping of their own Christmas party and tough restrictions.

She also recalled what Britain has gone through since the outbreak of the global pandemic and slammed Boris Johnson for his failure to get on with a number of key issues such as the overall handling of COVID-19 itself.

Ms Willoughby felt that if Mr Johnson’s recent U-turns on key policies were not already enough, his “clownish aspects” further dented his public image.

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Mr Johnson and his ministers have repeatedly denied any rules were broken by the gatherings in late 2020, though the Mirror newspaper said Johnson spoke at a leaving party and that his team had a wine-fuelled gathering of around 40 to 50 people

At the time of the Downing Street gathering, tens of millions of people across Britain were banned from meeting close family and friends for a traditional Christmas celebration – or even from bidding farewell to dying relatives.

Reaction to the video was sharp with many people on Twitter expressing disgust that Downing Street appeared to be laughing about breaking rules. Some questioned whether or not the public should obey Johnson if he imposes more COVID restrictions.

Nearly 146,000 people have died from COVID in the United Kingdom and Johnson is weighing up whether to impose tougher restrictions after the discovery of the new Omicron coronavirus variant.

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