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Bristol woman claims she had close encounter with UFO


A woman has told how she saw some strange lights in the sky and began filming them – only for a couple of them to descend to just eight feet away from where she was standing.

Now Caron Ara, from Bristol, is convinced her bizarre close encounter on a country lane in rural Wiltshire was actually with extra-terrestrials.

She told Bristol Live how she had taken her camcorder on an evening ride on her electric bike back in September, and ended up in a hedge-lined road near Chippenham, some 20 miles or so from Bristol, when the encounter happened.

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She said she was riding at dusk when she began to notice a number of orange lights moving around, high in the sky.

She described them as a ‘fleet’ of lights that were glowing orange, and moving fast and stopping in ways that would be impossible for conventional aircraft, so she began filming them.

“I’m used to seeing things in the sky,” she said. “I knew it was something strange. It’s a bit frustrating because I’m standing there filming and my hand is shaking. I saw a fleet of them, there were maybe 15 and I knew what it was straight away. It was as if they saw me, and I did wave at them, and when I did some of them went invisible,” she added.

Ms Ara said that at least two of the craft descended to where she was, and she suddenly realised there was one of the orange lights on the other side of the hedge through the trees.

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“It was moving around behind the tree, hovering just off the ground. It was only eight feet away,” she said. “It was very small, maybe only three feet high and very flat and wide, and seemed very lightweight.

“I had the impression that the orange circle glow people see is the craft tilted right over on its side, but when it was near me it was lying flat. (There was) not a whimper of sound, but the orange glow that I filmed is the energy that powers the extra-terrestrial craft.”

Within seconds, Ms Ana said one of the craft emitted some kind of infra-red beam. “I instinctively shut my eyes, jolted back. When I opened them again, the craft went invisible.

A still frame from Caron Ara’s video showing a light moving behind the trees

“There were a few more flying a few feet over my head, and then they went off – either up into the sky and or just disappeared,” she added.

The orange circular lights filmed by Ms Ana are similar to the circular orange lights filmed by multiple people in the space of a few days over east Bristol earlier this summer.

For Ms Ana, she said her encounter has changed her life. “It was an amazing experience, it was astonishing – such magical technology,” she said.

Caron Ana who talks about her experience encountering a UFO while out on her bike back in September in Wiltshire.
Caron Ana who talks about her experience encountering a UFO while out on her bike back in September in Wiltshire.

“It’s very difficult to get so close to them as I did. I would like to show more footage, but the shake of the human hand in the conditions, and also, my camcorder switched itself off several times – it made it difficult,” she added.

Ms Ana said she is in no doubt what she saw was not just a series of UFOs, but that they were extra-terrestrial craft.

“Internally they are made very different from us,” she said. “That’s because no human being could withstand the G-Forces and the motions I saw them make so closely.”

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