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Brits typically make five excuses a day to get out of doing things – like ‘I’m too tired’


When faced with things they may not want to do, nearly two-thirds (63 percent) admit they tend to “find” other “more important” things to do instead.

These “more imperative” tasks include tidying, completing “this level” on a videogame, and checking “important” emails.

And January is the time of year when those polled are least inclined to get things done – and also most likely to make excuses.

So perhaps it’s no wonder the study by Beavertown, makers of Lazer Crush alcohol-free IPA, found 56 percent admit they haven’t exactly started 2022 with a bang.

A spokesman for the brewery said: “We all know January is a rubbish month, so we’re encouraging people to let go of excuses and embrace their proactive side to “crush it”.

“It’s easy to make up excuses but it’s harder to crush a challenge – that’s why we’re here to help, and are encouraging people to #CrushJanuary.”

Other common excuses among those polled include “I’ve got a headache”, “it’s dark now”, and “I thought you were doing it”.

While “it’s not due until tomorrow”, “I’ve got loads of work to do”, and “I’ll be more productive tomorrow” also feature.

At one time or another, nearly a quarter (23 percent) admit they have purposely done a task badly – so someone else would finish the job, or so they don’t get asked to do it again.

And of those who have employed such a tactic, 32 percent have used it to get out of cleaning, while 27 percent have tried to get out of washing up.

The most common obstacles for completing a task are lack of motivation (47 percent), a tendency to feel tired (36 percent), and lack of money (33 percent).

But there is a willingness to overcome these barriers, as the study carried out through OnePoll found 71 percent “really want” to get things done in 2022.

And of those, 75 percent are confident they’ll succeed.

The spokesman for Beavertown added: “We’re urging the public to crush those excuses and get things done with lazer-guided precision.”

As part of its Crush January campaign, the brewery [@Beavertownbeer] is urging everyone to #CrushJanuary and vote for the things they’d like done away with.


  1. I’m too tired
  2. It’s too cold
  3. I forgot
  4. I’ll start tomorrow
  5. I didn’t sleep well last night
  6. I’m trying to save money
  7. I just can’t be bothered
  8. I’ve got loads of work to do
  9. I’ve got a headache
  10. I’ve made other plans
  11. I’ll do it when the clock reaches [a milestone figure] (i.e. waiting until 07.00 to get out of bed if it is 06.56)
  12. It’s dark now
  13. Just let me wake up first and then I will…
  14. I’ll be more productive tomorrow
  15. I thought you were doing it
  16. I’ve got my dates mixed up
  17. I can’t leave the pets alone
  18. No-one will notice
  19. I’m catching up on household chores
  20. I’m on a diet
  21. I’m not drinking
  22. It’s not due until tomorrow
  23. I’ve double booked myself
  24. I can’t do it now because it would be too loud and would bother the neighbours
  25. I can’t get up, the cat is on my lap
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