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Brits would rather be gifted experiences than material gifts this Christmas


And 42 percent would much rather receive a gift which creates memories, over something which is likely to be forgotten after a time.

For two-thirds (65 percent), the anticipation of an event is almost as exciting as the event itself – and actually forms part of the overall experience.

And part of this anticipation might be the thought they are doing something their peers might be envious off.

Indeed, just over half (53 percent) admit to suffering from “FOMO” – the fear of missing out – when they hear about amazing experiences someone else has enjoyed.

A spokesman for Travelzoo, which commissioned the research, said: “Possessions come and go, but memories can live with us forever – and the study suggests people are increasingly aware of this.

“According to this poll, half the UK population are afraid of missing out – but by giving someone something you can take advantage of yourself, you’re less likely to lose out and you give them a great memory to boot.”

The study also found those polled drift off 25 times each week – daydreaming about recreational experiences they’d like to have.

These include eating at particular restaurants, bobbing in the ocean and walking in stunning country surrounds.

Furthermore, eight in ten consider it important to always have an experience booked into the diary to look forward to.

More than half (51 percent) think new experiences are good for a person’s mental health, and 31 percent find they help them stimulate creativity.

Another quarter think trying something new helps people get to know themselves better, according to the OnePoll figures.

And these benefits might explain why 57 percent are “desperate” to have plenty of exciting and new experiences next year.

One driving factor behind this might be hearing about other peoples’ experiences – indeed, a quarter (26 percent) admitted this inspires them to give new things a try.

Travelzoo’s spokesman added: “Seeing what others are getting up to reminds us there is a whole world out there to experience.

“Of course, after a long period of being limited in what we can do, many people will be eager to make up for lost time and get their 2022 plans in place.”

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