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Camilla wears ‘huge’ fashion trend to seem more ‘human’ – ‘winning hearts of the public’


In celebration of the Poetry Together initiative’s return, which Camilla has been a long-time supporter of, a new photo of the Duchess has appeared on social media. In it, she wears a casual, “trendy” outfit and holds a Victoria Sponge cake.

The 74-year-old donned a royal blue jumper in a thin material with long sleeves.

Two white stripes run down the side of the sleeves giving the garment a sporty, athletic look.

The jumper has a sports brand feel to it, such as Adidas, but it is not known where it is from.

Underneath, Camilla wore a white polo shirt with only its collar on show.

Samantha noted Camilla’s look fits in with the “athleisure” fashion trend, which sees style enthusiasts wearing sporty clothes everywhere, not only to the gym.

The personal stylist said: “In terms of the look itself, athleisure is huge right now.

“During lockdown, we obviously saw a massive rise in demand for pyjamas and homewear.

“But what we’re seeing now is much more luxe – something you can wear at home with your yoga pants, or dress up for lunch out.”

Samantha added: “This is such a great colour on the Duchess.

“As you get older, it’s tempting to opt for muted or darker colours, but as the Duchess proves here – bright colours can make you look so vibrant.

“Camilla often wears a white collar like this. Wearing white near the face breaks up the colour but also reflects light, which makes her skin glow.”

Although this is the first time royal fans have seen Camilla’s sporty jumper, the Duchess has worn “homely” casualwear in the past.

Last year during lockdown, she was pictured on various occasions wearing jeans and slouchy jumpers, giving people a glimpse into what she enjoys wearing from the comfort of her own home.

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