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Cancer New Moon horoscope: What’s in store for EVERY sign this weekend


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There’s a New Moon in Cancer on Saturday, July 10 at 2.15am, and it’s going to be full of opportunity and emotions. Express.co.uk chatted to Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) to find out what’s in store for EVERY sign this weekend.


For Aries, this New Moon is in the fourth house, which is about using your creative passion and your talent for performance.

Use your great taste to style and create harmony in your home.

Whether that’s redecorating, painting, or just manifesting your ideal home, you’re going to be focussing on making your home your sanctuary. Set your eyes on what you want.

Learn about colour therapy and look at the colours you surround yourself with because it will influence your mood.


The New Moon is in your third house. Venus is the Ruler of Taurus and she’s in the fourth house opposite Saturn.

This means you can really communicate well right now, but it’s got to come from the heart and you’ve got to communicate what matters to you.

You have a talent for expressing yourself now but you might feel slightly shy and inhibited.

If you have the courage to overcome that, you can paint a beautiful picture and get your point across.

You’ll be able to say what you mean and mean what you say and create something valuable.

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Cancer New Moon horoscope:

Cancer New Moon horoscope: Cancer season is here and it’s a New Moon in Cancer (Image: Getty)

Cancer New Moon horoscope:

Cancer New Moon horoscope: The New Moon is happening on early hours of Saturday (Image: Getty)


Mercury is still in Gemini and he’s very strong so you’re still able to express yourself brilliantly.

However, this New Moon is in your second house so you’re thinking about what you want, what you value and your self-esteem.

Don’t get confused – spend some time reflecting on what you feel and trust your non-rational side for once.

Sometimes Gemini can overthink and go with fact rather than feeling, but now it’s about trusting your gut.

Allow the universe to manifest something that you love and don’t interfere too much by overthinking it.


The New Moon is in your sign, Cancer, so it’s going to be very emotional.

You are a water sign and you’re able to dive into your feelings, especially with this Moon in your first house.

It’s time to consider what you want, where you want to go and how you want the world to see you.

It’s a brand new reset for the year – what is home to you, what matters to you?

More importantly, how can you create the love that you want in your life?

It takes work, longevity and commitment and you’ll probably have to stick with it through thick and thin… but if you’re committed to something that matters, you can do it.

Cancer New Moon horoscope:

Cancer New Moon horoscope: Mercury is still in Gemini (Image: Getty)


Leo, you’ve got to look at your dreams this weekend!

There’s a lot coming up right now and your unconscious is revealing itself to you.

Whilst passion is on the cards, there is a level of frustration.

You want something now but you perhaps can’t get it straight away.

There needs to be some patience and tuning into your heart’s desire will provide the fuel for you going forwards.

However, you really need to look beyond the surface.


Virgo, the New Moon is in your 11th house of friendships so it’s going to be quite fun.

Mercury, your Ruler, is still strong in Gemini.

You’ve got a great network around you. Maybe you can make friends with people at work or there’s some other new social circle opening for you.

Your relationships have been potentially quite good… maybe you’ve just met someone?

If you’re looking for love maybe you could find someone at work or ask one of your friends to set you up on a date.

You’ll find love in surprising places, there’s a lot of promise of change, magic and doors opening.

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Cancer New Moon horoscope:

Cancer New Moon horoscope: Leo, passion is on the cards (Image: Getty)


Venus is with Mars, so it’s exceptionally good for you Libra. If you want romance, look for it through your friends!

This is also a time to manifest the career of your dreams. It’s going to take work but if it matters then it’s a magical time to cast a spell.

Be happy knowing that there’s something beautiful on the way. You’re building something that matters to you, Libra.


Scorpio, the New Moon is in your ninth house of travel, beliefs and ideas.

Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and he’s opposite Saturn. He needs supply and strength and he’s with Venus in Leo.

This means anything is possible, but you’ve got to work for it and cultivate it.

You can dream big and see what happens. Go with the flow.

Surprises are on the cards for all the fixed signs, so don’t be shocked if someone pops up out of the blue from the past or you get offered a new opportunity.

Cancer New Moon horoscope:

Cancer New Moon horoscope: Capricorns are in for a lovely week or so (Image: Gety)


The New Moon is in the eighth house of finance, sex, death and other people’s money.

Your Ruler Jupiter is still in the lucky sign of Pisces and this is the guardian angel placement.

At this time, you can set intentions about the abundant life you want to lead.

Dream big! How can you make money? Maybe it’s through teaching or simply sharing your gift with the world?

You have a lot to give, a lot to show, and you have to believe in yourself because the world needs your knowledge.


Saturn, your chart ruler, is in the second house of finances.

The New Moon is in your relationship sector with your chart ruler opposite the love planets Mars and Venus.

This is an exceptionally promising horoscope for any Capricorns looking for love.

It could also bring an increased commitment to any existing relationships.

It looks like a promising new start for love either way, so if you know what you want or have an idea… you go for it!


The New Moon is in your sixth house of work and health, Aquarius.

Uranus, your chart ruler, is square to Mars and Venus so you could be in for a surprise.

Perhaps a new job, change of home, anything is on the cards for you!

If you want a change or you’re excited or enthusiastic about something then set your focus on that.

This is also a great time to start a health kick and mean it – it should be a long term thing not temporary.


This New Moon is in your fifth house, Pisces, so it’s a lucky one.

With the New Moon in your fifth house it’s time to play.

Your traditional ruler Jupiter is in your sign until the end of the month so this is the last New Moon this year with Jupiter in Pisces.

This is beautiful and a great time to have fun and let the games commence.

It’s the perfect time for any creative pursuits, children, or doing anything that you love.

Pisces is a creative sign anyway so paint that picture, draw whatever, write that song!

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