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Can’t sleep? Why these festive houseplants may be the answer


The countdown to has begun but with 17 sleeps to go, but it can seem like a lifetime for those of us struggling to unwind each night. As festive begin to fill our homes, there’s no better time to reap the health benefits of everything from poinsettias to cyclamens to improve your sleep in the run up to the big day. Express.co.uk spoke to the sleep experts at MattressNextDay to find out which festive plants you should have in your this and why.

Do houseplants make you sleep?

There are three main components of houseplants that can help us sleep – all of which can be beneficial for both our physical and mental health, according to scientists at Beihang University in Beijing.

Medical website Healthline has found that houseplants can aid our through:

  • Their calming colours – green has been proven the most soothing
  • Soothing scents – edible plants like strawberry and coriander came out on top
  • Reduce stress – houseplants have been proven to reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone) which can in turn make you fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper sleep without disturbance

Research conducted by Beihang University found that just 15 minutes of interaction with houseplants before going to sleep can improve your sleep quality significantly – but which festive varieties work the best?

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MattressNextDay recommends poinsettias for a better night’s sleep this December.

The bright red flowers and rich green leaves have been found to have some of the most effective cleansing and purifying effects compared to other houseplants.

The mattress experts said: “Research shows that these are one of the best festive plants for cleaning and purifying the air as they can remove formaldehyde from the air which can occur from insulation and paint.

“While it is unlikely that we’d have high levels of formaldehyde in our homes, it can still cause issues at low levels, such as eye, nose, and throat irritation.”


Cyclamens are a classic winter flower which makes for a great alternative to the classic red poinsettia.

The varied hues of cyclamen petals offer a display of red, white or pink right through the winter.

Keep cyclamen around to absorb sulphur dioxide which can come from poorly ventilated gas appliances, tobacco smoke and chimneys.


These potted flowers are a sight to behold through the festive season thanks to their vibrant blooms and eye-catching foliage.

Begonia leaves can enhance the air quality in your home by filtering out benzene.

Benzene is commonly found in glues, paints, furniture wax and detergents.

Begonia are the perfect addition to your kitchen while making festive crafts.

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