Saturday, May 28, 2022

How to look younger: ‘Very beneficial’ hand and neck care – ‘you’ll be glad’...

THE HANDS and neck are the main giveaways when it comes to age. An expert told how women can keep those looking young.

Helen Mirren, 76, unrecognisable in heavy eye makeup and long hair extensions at Cannes

HELEN MIRREN showed off a drastically new look today at the Cannes Film Festival with her On the Edge co-star Andie MacDowell.

Why sustainable beauty is essential for the environment – and our health

HOW OFTEN do you pick up your deodorant stick or shower gel and consider that there's a whole process that has happened to bring...

‘Smooth wrinkles in 1 week’ Beauty fans praise £10 Miracle Cream – ‘Younger &...

MANY women want to achieve a youthful glow, with their wrinkles smoothed out and skin fresh and plump. And they believe they have achieved...

Most ‘flattering’ hairstyle to achieve an instant ‘facelift’ – ‘Shows off cheekbones’

LOOK YOUNGER with a simple hairstyle that is "very flattering" and "opens the face up" according to a celebrity hairstylist.

Skincare experts share ‘simplest way to look more youthful’ and achieve ‘healthier skin’

YOUTHFUL skin doesn't have to come at a price - it's possible to achieve glowing, wrinkle-free skin just by keeping your skin hydrated, according...

‘Look 10yrs younger!’ Body Shop’s world-famous serum – ‘strengthens skin in a few drops’

LOOKING for a beauty product that "strengthens the skin" in "just a couple of drops"? Well, look no further than The Body Shop's Drops...

Celebrity hair stylist shares top tips for women worried about styling their hair at...

Women are worried about cutting or colouring their own hair at home - over fears they'll be left with bald patches, uneven cuts, or...

‘Look 5 years younger in an hour‘ and ‘cheat time’ with popular beauty procedure

KEEN to knock five years off your face? A Harley Street Skin Expert has shared her advice before saying yes to botox and fillers....

Three face yoga massages to ‘improve the appearance of a double chin’

HOW TO get rid of a double chin, many have pondered such a question. Advocates of face yoga claim certain moves can firm up...

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