Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Rod Stewart has ‘no regrets’ about ‘inappropriate songs’ despite axing them from set lists

ROD STEWART has admitted in a recent interview that he now forgoes a number of songs from his repertoire as they are no longer...

EU’s plot to ban ‘ladies and gentlemen’ dubbed ‘pure wickedness’ in woke row

THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION'S plan to ban saying "ladies and gentlemen" has been branded "pure wickedness" in an escalating woke row.

RAF under fire for dropping ‘airmen’ and ‘airwomen’ for gender-neutral term ‘aviator’

THE RAF has been blasted after dropping the terms "airmen" and "airwomen" in favour of the gender-neutral term "aviator".

Billy Connolly branded political correctness language of ‘cowardice’: ‘Tell it like it is’

SIR BILLY CONNOLLY once branded political correctness the "language of cowardice" and insisted that people would be liberated by telling "it like it is"....

Newcastle: The perfect weekend away location

So it was that two slightly giddy women pulled into Newcastle station, after a speedy train journey of just under three hours, ready to...

Kirsty Wark skewered cancel culture and warned of ‘dangerous mob mentality’

KIRSTY WARK took aim at cancel culture in a throwback interview and warned of a "dangerous mob mentality" becoming increasingly prevalent in society.

We need freedom of expression NOT cancel culture, says ESTHER MCVEY

ONE of the reasons I cherish life in Britain is that our country is inseparably linked with freedom of expression and the widest possible...

Anti-British woke brigade are hellbent on destroying our history, says ESTHER MCVEY

ONE of the reasons I cherish life in Britain is because our country is inseparably associated with the values of freedom of expression, fairness,...

Michel Barnier tears into cancel culture as he launches fight on ‘extreme left ideology’

FORMER Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier tore into cancel culture and "wokeism" during a fiery rant on French television and urged politicians to fight against...

The Cotswolds: Dine outside in a VIPod among ducks, deers and the beautiful countryside

Fabulously warm, with mellow background music in the background, we selected our seats and all cooed over the canopy of flowers overhead.Joining us for...

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