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Cigarette hike backlash: Smokers erupt in fury at Sunak’s crippling tobacco tax


The rise in taxation on tobacco was introduced by Rishi Sunak yesterday and came into force at 6pm last night. As part of the increase, the most expensive packets of cigarettes will go up to £13.60 per 20 pack, with it previously costing £12.73.

On the other end of the spectrum, the cheapest 20 packs are set to rise by 66p – going from £9.10 to £9.73.

As for a 30g bag of tobacco, that will see a rise £8.14 to £9.02.

Speaking about the taxing of tobacco, Simon Clark, director at smokers’ group Forest, said: “The Government must stop weaponising tax in the war on smoking.

“The majority of smokers come from poorer backgrounds.

“Many have suffered financially as result of the pandemic and should not have to face yet another increase in the cost of tobacco at a time when they can least afford it.”

Much like Mr Clark, many Twitter users were furious with the decision by the Government to increase the prices.

British Alba believed it was a good idea for the taxing of tobacco to rise.

They tweeted: “Good. We need to drive tobacco companies out of business and get to a position where we can ban tobacco entirely.”

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“Imagine if everything else was taxed so highly.

“So smokers are not a drain on the NHS they’re doing a huge amount of the funding.”

They continued: “Smokers pay such high tax on cigarettes that they should be given their own suite if they need hospital treatment.”

DashDotDash wrote: “Smokers should be praised.

“If they didn’t smoke and pay the tax on cigs, it would have to come from somewhere… that being nonsmokers.”

CHiPs wrote: “No one is beaten up by someone smoking.

“Yet the price of alcohol is going down.

“How much do drunks cost the NHS every year?

“Don’t forget the drink drive deaths.”

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