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Classic car owners could pay £15 more to fill up their petrol tank after E10 fuel changes


Up to 600,000 historic vehicles built before 2002 will be incompatible when the new petrol launches at the start of September. Instead of using the new E10 compound, road users are urged to use existing E5 fuel which will be moved to the super unleaded protection grade.

“With super unleaded on average already 10p a litre dearer than ordinary petrol, ending up on a motorway forecourt in just over 10 days’ time could raise the litre cost for those drivers from the current 135.4p UK average for regular unleaded to 163.9p for super unleaded.

“That pumps up the cost of filling a typical 55-litre tank from £74.47 to £90.15.”

“A supermarket petrol station may offer the best bet for more reasonably priced super unleaded but, for those out on the open road, fuel price search engines such as the AA App for its millions of members could be vital for beating the super pump price lottery.”

A Government review into the changes has already hinted E10 fuel could also be more expensive for compatible cars.

He has predicted petrol prices will start to “head down” which could also bring down protection grade costs for classic car owners.

He said: “On the regular petrol and diesel front, the AA is hoping that pump prices have gone as high as they will this summer

“Covid delta variant outbreaks in China and other parts of Asia have reversed market speculation that had been driving up the price of oil.

“With the end of the US motoring season not that far off, the expectation is that petrol prices will start to head down. If that drags the price of super unleaded down with it, it will take some of the sting out of the switch to E10 petrol for those that can’t use it.”

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