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Classic car owners ‘shouldn’t be worried’ about new E10 fuel changes launched this year


Classic car owners have been repeatedly warned over the new fuel changes set to be introduced in September over fears the new petrol could corrode parts. However, David Bond, spokesperson for classic car insurance specialists Footman James, said drivers should not fear the new changes which will have little impact on them at all.

He said most petrol stations will continue to stock “both grades of petrol” for the time being meaning classic owners can continue to use the fuel they know.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, he said: “There’s already an agreement in terms of petrol stations needing to be selling E5 petrol where there is a certain volume of petrol being sold.

In time that may dwindle. But at the same time the history of cars has been about innovation, development.

“[Manufacturers] are already looking at things like synthetic fuels.”

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The DfT has confirmed there is a commitment to keep E5 fuel available for the time being.

However, the DfT has said this will be reviewed within five years to ensure continuing to sell E5 “remains appropriate”.

This means E5 fuel may not continue to be sold at forecourts past this date but experts warn classic car owners will not be forgotten.

The DfT said a review after five years would consider whether there is a viable and widely available alternative for owners of older cars.

“You look at what that might mean for the petrol station which will be offering those fuel types.

“You might change the way you fill on and so on.

“By the time it comes to a point when there is no E5 I think cars will have adapted.

“I think the message is the car industry has faced many challenges over the years and it has learned to adapt.”

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