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Classic cars from 1980s such as Austin Metro among UK’s most endangered vehicles


Popular models such as the Austin Metro and Austin Maestro have seen model numbers fall dramatically over the past decade with just a few hundred still on the road today. However, the research shows three vehicles share the title of UK’s most endangered car.

Topping the list is the Austin Montego which was a regular feature on driveways between the 1980s and 1990s.

The Montego had over 205,000 models on the road in 1995 but now boasts just 34, according to data from the Department for Transport and the DVLA.

This means numbers for the popular model are down by 99.98 percent of the total vehicles ever produced including an estate model.

The Montego was produced by British Leyland over the mid-1980s as a direct competitor to the popular Ford Sierra and Vauxhall Cavalier.

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There were around 45,000 cars on the market in 1995 but just 11 survive on the roads today.

The Austin Maestro was the sixth most endangered vehicle but did see one of the biggest drops in the number of vehicles available.

Over 230,000 were available in 195 but just 90 remain on the roads today.

Meanwhile, the popular Austin Metro saw the biggest drop when looking at the number of vehicles available.

It is estimated over 2million Metro’s were produced over its eight-year production cycle.

Other vehicles to make the most list include the Hyundai Pony, Vauxhall Belmont and the Datsun Stanza.

The Zastava Yugo and Nissan Stanza also made the list with a 99.96 percent reduction on model numbers 25 years ago.

According to uSwitch’s research, Zastava Automobiles topped the list of the most disappearing car brand in the UK.

The manufacturer boasted over 27,300 models 25 years ago with just 17 on the road today.

The Serbian manufacturer was acquired by Fiat in 2008 and have all but disappeared across Europe in recent years.

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