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Cleaning icon Kim Woodburn’s brilliant advice to tackle ants – ‘get rid of them all’


Ants in the home – they’re no fun. They make your home feel dirty and their wriggling little bodies give most the creeps. It’s hard to enjoy your home when ants have invaded. Thankfully, the original cleaning guru Kim Woodburn gave Express.co.uk readers her solution.

The expert said: “Ants are very clean and spotless creatures, and they work so hard picking up your crumbs.”

Joking aside, she went on: “I will be sensible now.”

Kim suggested a tool to collect all the ants in your home with minimal effort.

She said: “I use a disc, which is the size of a jam jar lid. The ants gather around it and then you can get rid of them when they have all collected.”

She went on: “These little discs last for a long time. Go to your garden centre and you can buy them from there.

These disks are known as bait stations and are sold at garden centres, some supermarkets and on Amazon. Examples are the Home Defence Ant Stop! Bait Station, two of which you can buy online for £5.70.

Futuregarden.co.uk salles the Ant Clear Control Bait Station, selling one disk for £3.38. Amazon reviews from the Home Defence Ant Stop! Bait Station are 64 percent five stars and 21 percent four stars.

One verified purchase review read: “The entire patio was running alive with ants.

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“Hundreds were crawling all over the sun loungers and worse, they were all over our large wooden table and chairs! It was a real clean up operation every day sweeping them off everything and spraying the surfaces.

“Not only before we could use them but they would soon be back crawling everywhere! including on us! I bought two packs of this so four tubs in all.

“Placed them in strategic points, including one on top of the table and put a brick on each one. For 3/4 days we noticed no change then suddenly there were no ants anywhere.

“Keeping these in position and now enjoying peaceful meals alfresco and comfy restful loungers. Never had an effective ant killer like this. Brilliant. Highly recommended.”

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Kim was keen to urge cleaners not to use ant spray in the home as it can be bad for you.

She said: “Try to avoid spraying especially when inside the house, it’s not good for your chest, my love.”

Kim has teamed up with Poundland to create a line of cleaning must-haves.

The debut range of glamorous cleaning solutions comes in Kim’s iconic pink hue.

The 15 products span from washing up gloves and a dustpan and brush to multi-purpose cleaners and air fresheners.

Tips to get rid of ants

Sprinkle herbs, spices and essential oils

The likes of chilli pepper, black pepper, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and mint can deter ants.

So can coffee grounds and cucumber or citrus peel. Leave them in areas with lots of ants.

Use a vinegar-water mixture

A vinegar-water mixture is thought to deter ants.

This is because ants don’t like the smell of vinegar, and can also disorient them.

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