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‘Come out like new!’ Mrs Hinch fans share top tips for cleaning white trainers


White trainers are a summer fashion staple but keeping them clean and free of marks is tricky. Luckily, cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, has an army of fans on hand to share the best products and methods to getting white trainers looking brand new. 

In one cleaning fan group, someone asked for help with their white trainers after unsuccessfully trying to clean them. 

The comment read: “Would anyone be able to help me with these trainers please? I soaked them in water and washing up powder overnight. 

“Then put them into the laundry but it’s as if they haven’t been cleaned at all. 

“They’re still drying in the attached picture but as you can tell they’re mucky. 

“There was a slight improvement in that the plastic is all clean but the fabric tongue is my main concern.” 

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Many users replied with the products they have used and useful tips. 

“I always do mine with a dish of warm water and a cap or two of Milton (I don’t use the cheaper sterilising fluids) I just hold the shoe in one hand and sponge with the other,” someone posted.

“Once that is done, they go onto a 40 degree wash with other whites. ONLY WHITES and add one cap to the wash along with your normal detergents. And please use the Milton brand only.”

Milton Sterilising Fluid can be bought from Wilko, £1 for one litre. 

If using bleach, it is advisable to mix a small amount with at least five times as much water in a well-ventilated area. 

Using a toothbrush, dip it into the diluted mixture and scrub the shoes gently. 

Since with warm water and let shoes dry, preferably overnight. 

“My son’s converse were in an awful mess after a recent festival, I scrubbed all over with pink stuff and washed in the machine they came up like new,” one added. 

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