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Covid LIVE: New Christmas warning issued – ‘already too late’ to halt Omicron surge in UK


Professor Paul Hunter, from the school of medicine at the University of East Anglia, said on BBC Breakfast that Omicron is spreading more quickly than Delta variant.

He said we are still unclear how the new variant is spreading but it will soon “start outcompeting Delta and become the dominant variant probably within the next weeks or a month or so at least.”

He also travel restrictions would have a minor impact. He said: “one of the problems with travel restrictions like this is that it then de-motivates other countries to actually be open about their own situations for fear of what they would see as economic sanctions.

So I think once the infection is spreading within a country, then border restrictions don’t really add anything. We’ve known that long before Covid. This has been knowledge that we’ve had for decades, if not centuries, to be honest.”

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