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Dachshund will only walk at his own pace and speeds up for no one


More than happy going at a canter, Buster allows his siblings to lead the way, choosing to trot along at the back by himself instead.

This amusing clip also shows off the patience of the pup’s family, with the rest of the dogs and Buster’s owner having to wait around for the cautious canine.

In the amusing video, viewers first see two of Buster’s siblings on their walk, both walking alongside their owner at a reasonable pace.

But the camera then pans back to show Buster trotting along at a far slower speed around 50 yards back from his family, showing no desire to go any faster.

The content dachshund, wearing his own silver harness, refuses to go any quicker, clearly enjoying himself far too much.

His sister Bella isn’t too happy to wait for Buster though, with another clip on the account showing her running back to tell her brother to hurry up.

Buster isn’t the only of his breed to have enjoyed success on the video sharing platform of late, after Zero the sausage dog went viral for getting upset that his reflection wouldn’t play with him.

The poor dachshund cries to his reflection in the clip, unable to comprehend why they don’t want to play with him.

Zero even attempts to shuffle backwards and tempt his imaginary friend to join him for some playtime, but with no success.

Other dachshunds have also experienced fame on TikTok recently, with three sausage dogs whose owner built them their own living room also going viral.

The incredible DIY project includes paintings and pictures hung at a weiner dog height as well as a sofa each for the lucky pups.

The dogs even have their own 24” TV, alongside lamps, rugs and even a bar cart.

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