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Daily horoscope for August 31: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast


The last day of August is going to be eventful, with the Sun quincunx Saturn and the Moon’s many aspects to the planets causing mayhem. However, Jupiter saves the day this evening and the Moon will be moving into Cancer to smooth over any drama by tomorrow. Express.co.uk reveals your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast for August 31.

The Sun is quincunx to Saturn today, which may be difficult.

Cafe Astrology’s prediction reads: “The Sun’s quincunx to Saturn this morning can point to a clash between a desire to enjoy ourselves and our responsibilities.

“Doubts or lack of faith can slow us down and hinder our movements and initiatives.

“Even so, this can be a helpful process as we take a break from pushing ahead.

“We might now see the need to adjust our plans based on new responsibilities or a reality check.”

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Astrology King’s mystics pointed out that the Sun quincunx Saturn is hard on your self-expression.

The horoscope reads: “The Sun quincunx Saturn from Sunday to Thursday can hamper your freedom or self-expression because of certain restrictions and obligations.

“An imbalance between what you want to do and what you have to do can cause frustration and tension.

“Flexibility, Hard work, patience, self-restraint, and self-discipline are needed.”

The Gemini Moon is trining Venus today, which is really good news.

Tarot.com’s astrologers said: “Success comes when we appreciate positivity and let negativity roll off our shoulders.

“The Moon trining Venus encourages good feelings and harmony with those around us.”

The Moon also squares Mars and Neptune today and this might spark a few arguments.

Tarot.com explains: “When Luna later squares passionate Mars and confusing Neptune, tempers can flare and misunderstandings are likely.

“We might find it hard to know how to fix what could break if we lose our cool.”

Luckily, the Moon trines optimistic Jupiter this evening, which Tarot.com says will bring “more luck” and “smooth over any rough edges from earlier.”

Horoscope.com pulled the Judgement card in its daily tarot reading for us all.

The explanation says: “When the Judgement card represents your tomorrow it reveals a need for a change of direction.

“The card is not showing you your future; it’s just letting you know that your past is probably running out of steam.

“Not yet, but soon, you’ll probably be faced with the question of which way you should go on one or a number of issues and you’ll have to make the decision.

“The Judgement card in your future should be telling you to prepare yourself for this change.”

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