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Daily horoscope for January 24: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast


Get ready for serious determination today. With Mars in Capricorn and the Moon in Libra, nobody can stop you from reaching for the stars and putting a plan in place to get there. Just make sure you’re not being too hard on yourself or behaving coldly towards others. Express.co.uk reveals your horoscope, star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast for January 24.

Mars moved into the sensible sign of Capricorn this morning, where it will stay until March 6.

Cafe Astrology said: “Mars in Capricorn is deliberate, persistent, and faithful energy.

“We consider the future and the consequences before taking action during this cycle.

“We are slow to anger but can be quite cold if frustrated, but our energy is reliable and faithful.

“The shadow side of Mars in Capricorn is rigidity or excessive materialism.”

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Capricorn is the sea-goat and this sign is known for being slow and steady. So with this sign in the planet of action, Mars, we’re all going to be acting deliberately, and existing in persistent, reliable and faithful energy.

Astrology.com said: “Now in Capricorn, Mars reports to Iron grip Saturn which holds Mars steady on its course of action.

“Throughout this transit, Mars is practical regarding the long-term impact of our actions.

“Ambition, anger, and lust have karmic undertones. Ideally, Mars in Capricorn is well-timed, highly accountable for all it does or doesn’t initiate.”

At 3.57am tomorrow morning, the Moon heads into perceptive and intense Scorpio.

Cafe Astrology said: “Whether it’s passion, elation, sorrow, or desire, emotions are felt on a deeply personal level.

“We are motivated by the desire to get to the bottom of things, and we instinctively read between the lines. Superficiality won’t work for us now.

“The Moon in Scorpio urges us to uncover our own power, and it’s an excellent time to rid ourselves of old fears and limiting habits.

“It can be an intimate and passionate time. Avoid manipulative tactics, brooding, and suspiciousness.”

The Moon in Scorpio generally favours taxes, accounting, intimacy issues, psychological examinations, research, self-examination and getting rid of old things.

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