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Daily horoscope: Why you’ll feel drained and insecure today as Mars opposes Neptune


The emotional Cancerian Moon and its challenging aspects to other planets cause tricky situations and emotions today. Mars in Neptune will wreak havoc on your self-esteem and leave you feeling drained. Want to learn how to get through these difficult transits? Express.co.uk reveals your horoscope, star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast for September 1.

Mars is opposing Neptune today and for most of this week.

Astrology.com explains: “September 1 starts off with a rather murky planetary influence.

“As with all Mars aspects, it will be felt for days preceding it as well as after, like a fiery stallion burning a track across the sky.

“A discouraged, weakened energy will be felt, as Neptune depletes our bodies, minds, and spirits.

“We will not feel confident, attractive, or competitive, as disappointment may shock us and send us plummeting.”

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When Mars is opposite Neptune, Astrology.com’s mystics recommend laying low.

They said: “With this placement, we do not put ourselves in the line of fire of embarrassment or scandal.

“It’s better to practice absolute caution, as we may be prone to deception—by others or ourselves.

“Above all, do not put yourself in any risky situations and tread with care.”

The Sun and Pluto are forming a strange aspect together called a sesquiquadrate.

Cafe Astrology’s prediction states: “This transit can aggravate fears and any feelings we may have of being powerless or overlooked. Buried emotions and motives can surface now.

“We might crave a sense of control over events, relationships, and circumstances, becoming frustrated at any sign that we don’t have it.

“A tendency to want to control our lives through some form of manipulation is persistent with this aspect. However, it’s best to rise above this pressure.”

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