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Danish goalkeeper had laser shone in face in England penalty


England captain Harry Kane’s winning penalty has been marred slightly after it came to light that Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel had a laser shone in his face at the time of the goal.

Manchester Evening News report that an unknown fan at Wembley for the Euro 2020 semi-final between England and Denmark shone a laser pointer in the face of the former Manchester City goalkeeper as Kane got ready for the penalty.

ITV showed the footage of the green laser across Schmeichel’s face, the footballer who now plays for Leicester City, did not seem to be aware of the attempted distraction and went on to save the England captain’s penalty kick, before Kate netted the rebound.

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ITV presenter Mark Chapman said: “One thing we have spotted just as Harry Kane took the penalty and which is completely unacceptable and ridiculous…look, someone’s got a laser pen in the stands.

“Whoever they are they’re an idiot, him or her, and we can just hope that it didn’t put Kasper Schmeichel off because it’s stupid and he doesn’t deserve that.

“That sort of thing, nobody wants to see.”

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Pundit Ian Wright added: “The way it’s gone for Denmark and the way the tournament started for them and the way it progressed…

“They went on to show people that yes, they’ve lost one of their best players, but they are a very, very good football team.

“For them to lose to a penalty as soft as that, it is quite sad, but you have to look at the way they’ve conducted themselves and the way they’ve played in this tournament. They’ve been magnificent and they deserve some credit for that.”

England will face Italy in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday, July 11 2021.

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