Home News ‘Depressing!’ Peston bemoans testing positive for COVID-19 despite being ‘double vaxxed’

‘Depressing!’ Peston bemoans testing positive for COVID-19 despite being ‘double vaxxed’


ITV’s Political Editor took to Twitter to confirm his positive test result after he was forced to miss the New Enlightenment summit. Mr Peston said he tested positive despite having both doses of a vaccine.

He tweeted: “I was supposed to be at the New Enlightenment summit in Braemar but depressingly have tested positive for COVID (yes am double vaxxed).

“Highlights of it include the award of the Alexander Fleming prize for a new thesis on improving public health.”

The 61-year-old journalist is not the first notable name to contract the virus despite having two vaccine doses.

Back in July, Health Secretary Sajid Javid was forced to self-isolate after testing positive.

He described his symptoms as mild at the time.

Posting a video on Twitter, Mr Javid said: “Hi everyone! I just wanted to update you all that I’ve tested positive for Covid.

“I was feeling a bit groggy last night so I took a lateral flow test this morning and it’s come out positive.

“I’m now self-isolating at home with my family until I get the results of a PCR test.”

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Despite being double jabbed, the one-time newspaper editor previously revealed that he’d been left with chest pain, a fever and cold sweats.

He told the Mail on Sunday at the time: “This is definitely the roughest I’ve felt from any illness in my adult life.

“But, as I slowly come out the other side, coughing and spluttering, I’m still here – unlike so many millions around the world who’ve lost their lives to COVID in this pandemic.”

Nearly 18 days after contracting the virus, he tweeted he still had “shocking fatigue and little taste/smell”.

He wrote: “Day 18 since Covid symptoms started and still have shocking fatigue and little taste/smell.

“Anyone else who got virus after being fully vaccinated having same ‘journey’?”

In their latest report, Public Health England said out of the 492,528 cases of the Delta variant recorded since February, around a quarter (113,823) were in those who were double jabbed.

Around 44 percent of those cases (219,716) were in people who were unvaccinated.

According to the latest government figures, 43.3 million people in the UK have had two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.

This is almost 80 percent of the adult population.

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