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Destiny 2 update and hotfix: Bungie servers and maintenance for new patch


Destiny 2 servers went down today, but the good news is that it was all part of Bungie’s maintenance plan for September 2.

The team behind the hit shooter are launching a new update and hotfix today to solve some of the most annoying issues since Season 15 started.

Guardians should be able to log back into the game and start downloading the latest Destiny 2 update released by Bungie.

The patch notes for today’s changes are quite extensive, and while the development team are calling it a hotfix, it does a lot more than solves one or two issues.

The full details can be found below as part of the official Destiny 2 update today and include the following changes:



  • Fixed an issue preventing players from changing the armor energy type of Lucky Pants. 

  • Actually changed the cost of Global Reach to three energy. 

  • Fixed an issue causing the Fire and Ice artifact mod to spawn fewer Wells than intended. 

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Season 15 Iron Banner armor sets and the new Exotic armor pieces from taking shaders. 

  • Corrected the insertion cost of the Linear Fusion Rifle Targeting mod in the artifact to be 500 Glimmer like other mods. 

  • Fixed an issue causing the 2021 Solstice Eververse Hunter arms ornaments to not be visible in the list of ornaments. 

  • Fixed an issue causing the new Shards of Galanor Exotic armor ornament to improperly display colors. 

  • Fixed an issue causing Radiant Dance Machines to trigger armor mods and Stasis Fragments more often than intended. 

  • Fixed an issue causing the Fusion Rifle Scavenger artifact mod to use old perks, allowing players to gain Heavy ammo when picking up Special ammo bricks. 

  • Fixed an issue where Promethium Spur would not spawn additional combination Rifts after the first one. 



  • Lorentz Driver will no longer apply a navpoint to players in the Crucible that are selected as targets. 

    • Targeted players will still have the red glow on their biped and will still drop telemetry patterns when killed. 

    • This change does not affect the targeting behavior for PvE combatants. 

  • Added Iron Banner perks into the possible trait rolls for Peacebond and Forge’s Pledge. 




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