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DIY eyebrow tint: 6 things to NEVER do when tinting your brows


Eyebrow tint can define your natural eyebrow shape and make them appear thicker. You could pay around £15 to get your brows tinted professionally or do it yourself at home for a fraction of the price, but you’ll need to make sure you follow the instructions to the letter. There are also some simple tricks to ensure your tint goes the way you want it to. Express.co.uk reveals 6 things to NEVER do when tinting your brows.

6 things to NEVER do when tinting your brows

No products

You should always tint your eyebrows with totally clean eyebrows.

Any eyebrow makeup products or skincare will get in the way of the process.

If you leave anything greasy or oily or anything that acts as a barrier, your tint won’t absorb into the hair properly and your tint won’t last long.

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Keep them dry

Don’t rush to cleanse your face after tinting your brows because this will strip the tint from your hair.

Cleanse your face before you tint your brows, if you’re tinting your eyebrows before bed or before you need to get ready to go out.

You should also avoid going swimming, whether that’s in salt water or a chlorine pool, as this will make the tint fade.

Don’t go overboard

We’ve all got a unique brow shape, in thickness, arch and length.

Tinting a new shape around your existing brows will never look good, so don’t be tempted to make them look a few centimetres thicker with a dark tint!

If your eyebrows haven’t been shaped recently, you’ll have to pay more attention to where your hairs are growing.

Don’t leave it for too long

Always follow the instructions on the tint box to prevent emergencies.

It’s much easier to wipe away some tint to take a peek and see if it has developed enough and then apply the tint again than it is to remove a tint that’s too dark.

If you have left it for too long and you should use an oily makeup remover and a cotton pad to strip the tint.

If the pad is brown, it’s working. Then, use a clarifying shampoo and an eyebrow brush for a minute on your eyebrows and wash it away.

If you’ve had no success with these options, try mixing baking soda with your regular shampoo to make a paste. Apply it to the brows for a few minutes and then rinse it away and repeat until the tint goes.

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