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Dog lovers react to the results of the UK’s favourite dog breed competition


The results of the UK’s favourite dog breed competition were shared on Saturday evening. Thousands of dog lovers across the nation championed their most treasured breed, but there could only be one winner the Staffy.

TeamDogs, in association with Pooch & Mutt, asked people to vote for their favourite breed and thousands did just that.

Black Labs, Boxers, Greyhounds and Border Collies were all crowned runners-up – but that hasn’t changed your love for them. In fact, Abigail says: “It makes me love them even more!”

These pups are the definition of underdogs!

Here are their owners’ reactions to the results:

Fifth place: Border Collie

Despite Border Collies ranking in fifth place, Rachel Sutherland said they will “always be a winning breed” in her eyes.

Rachel championed the hard-working hound throughout the competition. After the results were announced, she said: “Although the Border Collie didn’t come out as top dog in the UK’s favourite dog breed competition – it certainly herded up a lot of votes.”

Talking about her Border Collie, Vinny, Rachel said: “Vinny has taken the loss well and admits it wasn’t a paw-fect result. He just wishes that his fans were a little less sheepish with their nominations!

“The Border Collie will always be a winning breed in my eyes and the results prove that it’s one of the nation’s favourites, not just on working farms, but in people’s hearts too.”

Greyhounds ranked in fourth place in the UK’s favourite dog breed competition
Greyhounds ranked in fourth place in the UK’s favourite dog breed competition

Fourth place: Greyhound

Greyhounds may be the UK’s fourth favourite dog breed, but they are most definitely Charlotte Vowles’ number one.

“It’s easy to see why Greyhounds are worthy contenders for the best dog breed,” Charlotte said throughout the competition .

Greyhounds might not have won this poll, but they do have many titles under their belt. “The world’s oldest breed of dog and definitely the world’s fastest, they already have more than a few accolades to their name,” Charlotte said.

“I guarantee, once you’ve had one of these unique personalities in your life, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.”

Third place: Boxer

Kelly-Lee Wilde has had four Boxers in 17 years, and there was no doubt in her mind that Boxers were her favourite. She championed this “loyal, protective and amazing” breed to win.

Following their third-place ranking, Kelly said: “Boxers may not be sat at the top of this list, but they will be sat on their owner’s laps and will always be winners in our eyes!”

Second place: Black Labrador

Black Labs were crowned second place, which came as no surprise to Abigail Rabbett . While she voted them “the best dog breed” by a mile, they were a worthy runner-up.

Abigail described Black Labs as dogs that will “love you unconditionally”.

Speaking about the results, Abigail said: “I’m sad that Black Labs didn’t quite win the UK’s favourite breed competition but I’m pleased they came a close second!

“It doesn’t change how I feel about them, in fact maybe it makes me love them even more, after all everybody loves an underdog!

“Extra snuggles on the sofa tonight for my almost-champion Black Labrador, Shadow!”

Dog lovers across the nation have decided that Staffies are the UK’s favourite dog breed
Dog lovers across the nation have decided that Staffies are the UK’s favourite dog breed

First place: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

So, it’s official – Staffies are the UK’s favourite dog breed. It was an easy decision and clear winner for Suzanne Sargent, who rooted for their victory throughout the competition .

Suzanne described Staffies as having “love and loyalty” running through their DNA.

She also explained how her Staffy, Lola, speaks to her like no other breed could: “When I kiss Lola on the head, say ‘I love you’ as I do, she responds with a couple of deep grunts which I believe is my beautiful little Staffie saying ‘I love you too’!”

After the winner was crowned on Saturday night, we are positive that Suzanne gave Lola a very big ‘I love you’!

To read more stories about the UK’s most treasured breeds, check out TeamDogs . And don’t forget to share your favourite dog pictures on their feed.

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