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Drivers can fix car dents ‘without having to consult a specialist’ using boiling water


The simple solution has been highlighted by specialists at vehicle experts MotorEasy as a way drivers can repair their car without needing to visit a garage. In the video, the driver is seen splashing hot water onto a massive dent on the rear of the car.

After a short amount of time the driver simply goes underneath the car and pops the metal back into place.

He is then seen gently polishing the rear of the car to make sure the hot water is removed before it can cause any further damage,

The clip has been liked more than 146,000 times since the clip was uploaded by TikTok user Nikhita Nair.

However, experts at MotorEasy have said drivers should rely on the new tip “at their own risk”.

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The AA has previously suggested drives can fix a small dent by heating up the area.

They suggested the simplest way” to remove dents is by heating the affected area with a hairdryer.

They said: “You see hundreds of cars driving around with little dents in their doors, caused by a rogue shopping trolley, careless drivers or passengers in car parks or small collisions with a post or other stationary object.

“Yet you can easily fix a dent if it’s small or shallow by using a range of different dent removal methods depending on its size and location.”

They said this can be done on bumper dents but are usually completed by professionals to avoid further damage.

The AA has also suggested dents could be removed by using a sink or cup plunger.

However this will usually only work if the debt is light enough to simply pop back in place.

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