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Drivers could be ‘done out of thousands of pounds’ under new 2021 driving law


The new system came into effect in May and was designed to cut the fraudulent amount of road accident claims sent to insurance firms. Under the new rules, drivers can make their own claims from any personal injury sustained in a road crash as long as the value is worth under £5,000.

“But I would argue that this has now come at the cost of genuine claimants.

“If a motorist has incorrectly assessed the extent of his or her injuries, which is highly likely given the lack of assistance or clarity given with the new portal, then they could be done out of thousands of pounds.”

According to Robert Gerrard Insurance, the level of compensation drivers can claim after a car crash is likely influenced by the length of time the pain lasted.

Drivers whose symptoms lasted up to three months are likely to receive £240 in compensation.

He said drivers were “in the dark” under the new policies and called for more medical checks to be offered to drivers.

He added: “It’s completely impossible for drivers to understand the full cost of whiplash for example – it could have you off work or university for days, months or even a year.

“Without first going to a medical professional or having that sound advice, you are completely in the dark.”

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