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Driving test bookings see a ‘huge surge’ as DVSA make up to 20,000 extra tests available


Experts at Bill Plant Driving School have warned there are “literally thousands” of learners desperate to take their tests after suffering countless delays. They have also revealed there has been a “rush of people” enquiring about driving lessons as young people are desperate to regain their freedoms.

However, in a letter to driving instructors, the DVSA confirmed they had seen a “large increase” in demand.

The Department for Transport also shows more people are considering driving as many do not feel comfortable using public transport.

Ian McIntosh, CEO of Red Driving School has backed the latest announcement which they claim will help tackle the backlog.

They warn many young people have been forced to wait “several weeks” with some unable to book tests for up to four months.

“This has caused a huge amount of stress and uncertainty for our learners and instructors.”

Mr Brabin from Bill Plant Driving School added: “Since tests were able to resume back in April, Bill Plant Driving School has been doing everything it can to ensure that both our pupils and our instructors are being as safe as possible in order to accommodate all learners to the highest standards possible.

“We have made absolutely sure that we are taking every precautionary measure in order for us to continue to move forwards after such a long 12 months of carrying out stop-start lessons.”

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