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E10 fuel may have some impact on modern vehicles as mechanics ‘flag up’ faults


Eric Collins, owner at Classic Car Mechanic Limited said he has started to “flag up” faults with more modern cars which should be able to run on E10 fuel. He said issues such as “engine faults” were detected on some modern vehicles which have been to visit his garages in Hampshire.

“Owners of these historic models are likely to be aware of this requirement as it was already in place before the introduction of E10 petrol in the UK.”

Other manufacturers have confirmed to the ACEA some of their modern vehicles may not be compatible with the new fuel.

Mercedes Benz warns some of their first-generation direct-injection models produced between 2002 and 2005 may not be able to use the new petrol.

This included popular ranges such as the C200 CGI and the CLK 200 CGI Series.

A range of Lexus cars built up to 2007 should also not run on the new compound while some Audi A2, A3 and A4 models built up to 2005 are also affected.

The RAC has previously claimed it was only cars registered prior to 2002 which were advised not to use E10 fuel.

However, they did warn it was only in 2011 when all new cars sold in the UK had to be E10 compatible.

Hagerty has claimed the new fuel was most likely to be damaging to classic cars and motorbikes.

But, they warned some modern classics would also be affected by the new petrol grade.

The Government’s Introducing E10 Petrol report claimed “most modern petrol vehicles” could run the new compound.

They claimed this meant cars “produced since 2000” should be fine to run E10.

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