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EastEnders star teases extended episode as fans await revelation

EastEnders star teases extended episode as fans await revelation

EastEnders actor Colin Salmon has teased a twist in his character’s storyline ahead of an extended episode this week. The TV star, who plays George Knight in the BBC One soap, has hinted at a revelation in his past that fans will finally find out.

The Valentine’s Day episode, airing on Wednesday (February 14), will run for 34 minutes and focus on George’s life being turned upside down, the Mirror reports. George will discover something shocking about his adoptive father Eddie Knight that leaves him stunned. He also uncovers the truth about his childhood and what happened after he was separated from his biological parents.

Speaking about the plot on Monday’s Good Morning Britain, Colin said: “When I first joined EastEnders, I wondered what story I wanted to tell. Then this story came along.

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“I was born in the 60s, a complex time. People often focus on what’s wrong, but I’m more interested in understanding what happened. As an actor and a man, we need to address certain issues in this world. This storyline does just that.”

George recently found out about his adoption and realised there was more to the story than he had been told. In the upcoming episode, George is getting ready to meet his father again to celebrate an award he’s received. Attending the event with his children, George is taken aback by how kind Eddie is acting and how proud he appears, especially considering George has often questioned his dad’s behaviour towards him, including making racist comments in recent episodes.

Eddie and his wife Gloria recently revealed to George that he was adopted through a scheme known as farming, where children were advertised for money to parents looking to provide a home. This revelation led George to uncover some shocking truths about his heritage, causing him to question the identity his adoptive parents had instilled in him.

Colin Salmon on GMB this morning
Colin Salmon on GMB this morning

George wondered why his biological dad, who Gloria claimed adored him, never returned for him, given that the farming scheme was supposed to be a fostering arrangement. His adoptive parents explained that the payments stopped and his dad never came back, hinting at a reason preventing his return.

This week more about George’s past will finally be unveiled, along with Eddie’s true feelings towards his son. George learns that his father is on trial for murder and wants him to serve as a character witness. He is told that Eddie is facing charges for a racially motivated murder and needs him to testify on his behalf. Confronting Eddie for answers about the tragedy and his own past, George has already started investigating the case himself.

In a tense showdown, secrets and lies are revealed, and George finally uncovers the truth about his past as Gloria pleads with her son to testify for Eddie. Discussing the storyline further, Colin said: “It’s complex.

“We’re starting to explore these complexities, especially around topics like racism. From a young age, I realised racism is lazy. It’s a sweeping generalisation.”

“I learned from my own complex background that you have to judge people by their actions, not their appearance. The storyline explores this a lot.”

EastEnders airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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