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England yob abducted disabled child in wheelchair to get into Euro 2020 final as a steward


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Wembley Stadium saw hundreds of football fans storm the arena to watch England face off against Italy in the final of the Euro 2020. However, one supporter went above and beyond to try and see Gareth Southgate’s side take on Italy.

The twisted fan abducted a disabled child from his father and pretended to be a steward to gain access to the match.

Fan testimony from Level Playing Field said: “He’s then taken [son’s] wheelchair and pushed it towards the door.

“Just as we go to the door we twigged what was going on and it turned out he’s just an England fan in a high-viz jacket that was literally hijacking a wheelchair to get into the stadium.”

Following the chaotic scenes, a report found 2,000 ticketless fans had gained entry into the stadium, with only 400 being ejected.

England yob abducted disabled child to get into Euro 2020 final

England yob abducted disabled child to get into Euro 2020 final (Image: PA)

England yob abducted disabled child to get into Euro 2020 final

England yob abducted disabled child to get into Euro 2020 final (Image: PA)

A total of 17 access points were breached as well including disabled access gates and emergency fire doors.

Baroness Casey’s 129-page report came after a four-month investigation into the event found the FA and the Metropolitan Police were to blame for “failing to foresee risk”.

The report claimed the violence would have been worse if England had won.

Baroness Casey wrote: “Disturbingly, it is clear that ticketless fans targeted disabled supporters in a predatory fashion near the turnstiles.

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England fans clashed with police during final

England fans clashed with police during final (Image: PA)

“Our team of role models were in our first major final for 55 years.

“However they were let down by a horde of ticketless, drunken and drugged-up thugs who chose to abuse innocent, vulnerable and disabled people, as well as police officers, volunteers and Wembley staff.

“Victory in the penalty shoot-out would have created a further huge public safety risk, with up to 6,000 ticketless fans waiting to storm the stadium at the same time as doors were being opened to allow other fans to leave.

“Overall, there was a lack of recognition that the final was more than a football match to be managed – it was an occasion of national significance.”

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UEFA European championship records

UEFA European championship records (Image: Express)

The report claimed police arrived too late to the areas around the stadium where huge masses of fans arrived hours before kick-off.

FA chief executive Mark Bullingham apologised to legitimate England fans for their experience ahead of the game.

A statement read: “The FA apologises for the terrible experience that many suffered within Wembley on what should have been a historic night for the game.

“Everyone at the FA was appalled at the significant levels of crowd disorder throughout the day on 11 July.

Gareth Southgate consoles Jadon Sancho

Gareth Southgate consoles Jadon Sancho (Image: PA)

“The review makes clear that the circumstances leading up to the match led to a perfect storm of lawlessness.

“No event is set up to deal with such disgraceful behaviour from thousands of ticketless fans.

“Collectively we must never allow this to happen again.

“Baroness Casey is clear that moving forwards, where there is an event of national significance, we and all agencies must view it through a different lens.”

Thousands of England fans leave Wembley Stadium

Thousands of England fans leave Wembley Stadium (Image: PA)

Following England’s defeat in the Euro 2020 final against Italy, three penalty-takers were racially abused.

Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka all failed to score in the crucial shoot-out that handed Italy the trophy at the expense of Gareth Southgate’s side.

The trio were quickly victims of vile racist online abuse, with the actions of those responsible were widely condemned in the hours after the match.

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