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‘EU is dying!’ Remainiacs slammed as Brexit Britain’s exports soar 20% since Leave vote


A new report has revealed that exports are now 20 percent higher than they were five years ago – when the UK voted to free itself from Brussels’ clutches. Pro-Brexit think tank Facts4EU revealed the astounding revelation after examining the Office for National Statistics’ latest trade figures.

They cover the second quarter of the year up to the end of June and reveal how exports to the EU have rebounded by 31.5 percent compared with the previous quarter.

As well as being music to the ears of the UK’s exporters – they also proved sour grapes for unapologetic Remainiacs who believed Britain would collapse outside of their cherished bloc.

Commenting on the original Express.co.uk story, furious Brexiteers hit back, insisting that the figures proved the exact opposite.

One raged: “The EU is dying. The EU will not exist for much longer.

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“Just another reason to rejoice in OUR FANTASTIC BREXIT. I sense there will be many, many salty tears cried today by those who see our freedom as a negative. Poor things.”

Meanwhile a fourth mused: “A lot of irrelevant remainers getting rather riled up and copy/pasting huge desperate essays to try and validate their existence (as if we care… we left and that isn’t going to change).

“All I see is ‘waah waah waah boo hoo’. News: we don’t care about you but clearly you care about us. Happy days.”

In its report, Facts4EU found that the total value of UK exports to EU27 countries stood at £38.6billion – £8.4billion higher than in the second quarter of 2016, just before the momentous vote, a rise of one-fifth.

Leigh Evans, Facts4EU’s editor-in-chief, said: “For the benefit of our international readers, it is impossible to overstate the level of state-sponsored pro-EU propaganda to which the British public was subjected before the EU Referendum.

“Facts4EU.Org’s report today puts yet another nail in the coffin of the doomsayers and pro-EU propagandists who perpetrated a malign, dispiriting, and apocalyptic campaign, portraying a defeated, insignificant country facing a bleak non-EU future.”

Mr Evans added: “Many challenges still lie ahead, principally because of the punishment beating which the EU seems determined to inflict on the United Kingdom for daring to leave.

“In the coming days we hope to publish an exclusive account of the experiences of one British businessman in Spain, attempting to import goods from the UK.

“None of the negativism of the EU and its propagandists can detract, however, from the latest trade figures.”

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