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Every household in Wales to be given free tree to plant in climate change fight


The scheme –announced by the Welsh Government – will allow people to choose a tree of their own or have one planted somewhere on their behalf by Coed Cadw, the Woodland Trust. They will be available to collect from March, from five regional hubs, with 20 more running by October.

Wales’s deputy minister for climate change, Lee Waters, said he hoped the campaign would inspire families to go on planting trees themselves.

“We have to plant 86 million more trees in Wales,” he said.

“Our tree-planting record has not been great and we need to increase it by 15-fold every year. That is a massive challenge.”

Mr Waters said Wales wants to follow in Belfast’s footsteps in creating a heat map of where people would like to see trees planted in their communities, and urged people to get in touch with suggestions.

A consultation on plans to create a national forest for Wales will launch early next year.

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